Hi, I'm Danny.

• Producer of videos

• Person with some mildly interesting credits

• User of social networks

• Owner of this resume

• Stand-up comedian, and Content Architect at Comedywire.com

• Email me: dv@dope.cool

Videos ⇧

Ken Burns Rap - co-wrote, and acted with sketch comedy team, Skootch

Eating at Manhattan's First Denny's - shot, edited, directed

Westboro Baptist Church: 10 Things You Don't Know - shot, wrote, edited, directed

14 Dumb Things I Do Every Sunday - shot, wrote, edited, directed

Mildly Interesting Credits ⇧

• Made this image that was retweeted by Pitbull

• Wrote this article which is cited in Wikipedia

• Wrote viral article about Dude Sinking In Kayak, 1m+ uniques, 200k+ likes, and the video was featured on Tosh.0

Social Networks ⇧




by danny vega